Welcome to Hill Country Vision Center

At the Hill Country Vision Center, we are committed to providing our patients, friends and families with quality care and products. We provide the latest selections in fashionable eyewear, contact lenses, and are proud to provide our customers with superior eye health care.

Serving the Hill Country & South Texas

Since 1975, we at Hill Country Vision Center have been commited to delivering quality eye care to communities throughout the Hill Country and South Texas. Our range of services include comprehensive exams, LASIK consultations, and urgent care.

The doctors at Hill Country Vision Centers also have experience in the treatment and management of eye diseases such as diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and dry eyes. If you have a question about our services or are looking for friendly eye care experts, please do not hesitate to call or visit one of our locations.

Contact lens exams are also offered as well as training for new contact lens wearers. There is a full optical on site which offers a large selection of frames for men, women and children. Our opticians are able to assist with purchases, repairs, and adjustments.

In addition to fine eyewear, we are proud to offer the latest fashion eyewear from Fendi, Coach, Oakley, RayBan, Costa Del Mar, and others. We’re glad to help with both standard and prescription lenses. Visit us today in Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Hondo, and Floresville!

Urgent Care

Our optometrists are equipped and qualified to handle unexpected, urgent eye related issues. Things like scratches, objects in the eye, infections, red or pink eye, heat burns, chemical exposure, welding burns, severe eye pain, and blunt injuries to the eye or eyelid. Nearly half of traumatic eye injuries are related to ball sports and almost half of them occur in children under the age of 14. Flashes, floaters and sudden vision loss warrant immediate evaluation due to the risk of retinal tear or detachment. There are hazards of sunlight and bright light that are harder to understand; namely ultraviolet rays (UV) and Glare (extreme brightness). Protecting your eyes from these distracting, even dangerious elements is equally important to eye protection. State of the art equipment allows us to examine the front surface of the eye and the ability to also digitally scan the inside of the eye for any problems. Our optometrists can generally evaluate you the same day

Lenses, Glasses, and Contacts

An eye examination should be part of everyone’s normal health routine and is an important part of looking after your eyes. You may think of this as just an eye test, but it’s more than a simple test of your sight. Your Hill Country Vision Center optometrist is able to check your eye health and other general health issues during an eye examination and give advice.
Here are some important reasons to have a regular eye examination and look after your eyes:

  • It can detect early signs of eye conditions before you notice them.
  • It can also detect other general health problems.
  • Good vision helps you work and play safely and comfortably. It leads to a better quality of life.
  • Your eyes are the only pair you’ve got. If you lose your eyesight it may never be replaced.
  • Unlike your teeth, your eyes do not usually hurt if there is something wrong.

Diagnosis & Treatment of Eye Disorders

Making a decision about your eyewear goes beyond good vision and makes a statement about who you are. Your decision affects how you see and also how you want to be seen by others. But with so many different styles to choose from, getting the right look for your face and your lifestyle can be overwhelming.
Our staff will help you find the best fit for your specific needs and explain how different lenses and frames will impact your vision. They will help you narrow down your choices so you can find the look, fit and functionality you want from your eyewear.
We offer a large selection of eyeglasses, contact lenses and designer frames and sunglasses. We carry the latest European and American designer eyewear collections in a variety of styles, colors and materials including titanium, stainless steel and plastic.
New clients and all our current patients are welcome to visit us with their current prescription - no appointment necessary.

Eye Exams & Low Vision Services

Utilizing cutting edge technology at Hill Country Vision Center we are able to diagnose and manage, with greater precision, vision and eye diseases like Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Cataracts. Earlier and more precise diagnosis means earlier treatment and better outcomes. We are taking an aggressive approach to diseases that previously had few treatment options. Great advances have been made in the treatment of these diseases.

I love this place, they take the best care of me and my whole family!! I trust Shelly with all my vision needs!! Why go anywhere else!!

Thank you for your great care!!

— Susan O, Kerrville, TX


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